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The perks of being a barefoot accountant

relaxed atmosphere

Our biophilic office design, creates a tranquil working environment. We understand the importance of submerging yourself in nature, and there’s not always enough time in the day to get out to the woods. So, to battle nature deficit, we brought the woods to us! With faux grass underfoot, it would be hypocritical of us to say shoes had to stay on… We are the barefoot accountant after all.

To add to our relaxed atmosphere, we ALWAYS have music playing. It’s the heart of barefoot. The first question of the day is continually “so who shall we play today?”. You’ll never hear any soul-leeching silences in this office space. Researchers have even proved that music releases dopamine (the feel-good chemical in your brain), and a happy employee makes a happy compan-ee. So, if you’re interested in working for us, be prepared to DJ.


Each member of the barefoot team is a strong, ambitious person, who makes an impact within their career and community. We are a company that strives to make a change and when we come together, anything is possible. As a team, we’re paving the way for a new branch of accounting, where clients don’t fear their finances.

Though we’re not just making a difference within the world of accountancy. Just take a look at our “Eco & Community” page to see the projects we have implemented outside of our own office. We all give back in some way and we’re looking for people who want to do the same.

nurturing environment

At the barefoot accountant, we recognise that our team is our foundation. As such, we understand that for the company to grow, we too must encourage our employees to grow. You may start-off in HR, then decide to train to become a bookkeeper. Whichever path you wish to explore, we will support you.

When inspiring creativity, we come up with some quirky ideas and sometimes they turn into something extraordinary. Some of barefoot’s best moments, are at team meetings where brainstorming is in full flow. The idea that makes everyone pause and their eyes glisten and smiles widen; those are the ideas we want.


We are a flexible office, that understands you’re a human being. Let’s be honest, life happens. Sometimes you need to pick your kids up early from school, or there’s an appointment that could only give you a slot during work hours. We get it. So long as the work gets done, we’re happy to work with you for the best solution.

We also get that being tied to a desk, can be someone’s worst nightmare. That’s why we’ve created multiple seating areas! So, you may start your day sat at a desk, but then decide to move to the floor for a stretch and maybe finish snuggled up on the sofa.

And finally, you will never find anyone wearing a suit! We’re a welcoming, relaxed office space and this extends to those working in the office too.

hear from the team

“We all have an image of a typical accountancy practice in our minds… Now throw some colour at it, add a sofa and put grass on the floor… Yep, that’s where I work!”

“Our barefoot team are nurturing, supportive and fun. This is reflected in our relationship with our clients, so all together an amazing place to work.”

“I like being surrounded by people who are passionate about their work and care enormously about what they do, but perhaps, more importantly, are fabulous and delightful!”

“To work for a company that actually makes ‘Funday Fridays’ FUN, is unheard of! We get up to something new each week, you can tell that their employees’ well-being is important, and you never know what’s going happen next…”

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